Electric Department

Galion is privileged as a municipal electric community to own and operate its electric service. What this means is that you own your electric company, and get the best price and service available. Galion supplies and maintains all electric overhead and underground lines in the city, performs customer hookups and maintains the street lights.

For customer service regarding your utility account, go to the Utility Office page.

Belonging to the American Municipal Power co-op, we help negotiate and purchase the most cost competitive rates available for you. Our line department is also constantly reinvesting in new lines, poles, and service that will keep the lights on into the growth of the 21st century.


To provide with pride a quality service to our customers from a courteous and well trained team.


Benefits of Being a City-Owned Electric Company

Private electric companies are getting ready for the state mandated deregulation process, and are awaiting your business. They are spending millions of dollars to tell you that they are your neighbors. Yet, they are sometimes over an hour away when disaster strikes. On the other hand, Galion owns and operates its electric distribution systems and maintenance crews. Its employees are your friends and neighbors. You see them in church on Sunday, and at the pool with their kids. When you really need to see them, they're on a bucket truck, risking their lives, to restore Galion's power supply a lot faster than calling a crew from out of town.

Peak-Shaving Power

Peak-shaving power means big savings with Galion's city owned involvement. We buy power avoiding the high "surge" costs by having backup power available to keep our draw at a minimum. Since the highest demand electricity sells for the highest price, this backup power keeps our rates down.