Service Department


Mission Statement

The Service Department's overall mission is to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the residents and businesses of Galion by providing a variety of services with pride, commitment and courtesy.

Services Provided

The Service Department includes both the street/parks and water/sewer maintenance crews.  Those crews provide a variety of services to our residents, including street and sewer repairs, snow and leaf removal, and park grounds maintenance. 

The Street Department is responsible for maintaining safe roadways by filling potholes, crack sealing, paint striping, and repairing street signs in the public right-of-way.  Streets are kept free and clear of debris or any hazards that could cause harm to the motoring public, as well as salts and plows roads.  

The Parks Department is responsible for maintaining the city parks and associated facilities. Click here for a list of parks and their amenities.

The Sewer Maintenance Department inspects, flushes, vacuums, films, and repairs the city's storm sewer systems.  The crew also maintains and repairs catch basins and retention basins, removes blockages to creeks and streams and makes water line and sanitary sewer repairs.

Call 419-468-2818 to report issues or click here to complete the online Hazard Report Form.

Click here to see the Taylor Road Composting Station schedule.