City Auditor

Responsibilities of the Auditor

The Auditor is an elector of the City of Galion who serves as the financial officer of the city.   The Auditor is responsible for maintaining a detailed and accurate record of the receipts, disbursements, assets, and liabilities of the city.  The Auditor is also responsible for maintaining an internal control structure designed to ensure that the assets of the government are protected from loss, theft, or misuse.  The Auditor must insure that adequate accounting data is compiled to all for the preparation of financial statements in conformity with general accepted accounting principles.  The Auditor shall, at the end of the fiscal year, audit the accounts of the departments of the city and officers.

Auditor Functions

The daily functions of the Auditor’s office are divided into receivables and payables. Beyond the daily functions, the Auditor keeps an accurate account of all taxes and assessments.  RITA serves the city as the collector of Income Tax, but this function is under the supervision of the Auditor.  With these functions, the Auditor with the Mayor and Law Director serve as the Investment Committee of the City of Galion.