Utility Office

Utility office

The Utility Office is responsible for meter reading, billing, collections and customer service for over 6,000 accounts for the following utility services: electric, water, sewer and storm sewer. The Utility Office is located at 115 Harding Way East, just east of the main square.  Our hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Bills are mailed by the 5th business day of each month with a due date of the 21st of the month. Your bill includes meter and consumption information used to calculate utility charges. In addition, your utility bill contains 13-month graphs to illustrate your usage patterns for electric and water service. Enclosed with each bill are a remittance stub and a return payment envelope.

Our trained Administrative Clerks are available to assist you with questions, issues and concerns you may have regarding your electric, water, sewer or storm sewer. With the use of our customer information system, they are able to quickly look at your utility account to discuss charges, payments or other aspects of your account history. If you need to discuss options to resolve your account balance, our administrative clerks will be happy to assist you in working out a payment plan.

You are urged to contact our administrative clerks if you suspect a problem with your electric or water meter or your utility service in general. Our meter readers are available to investigate your concern and will advise you of the findings and resolutions.

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Light Bulb Discounts

Efficiency Smart offers discount prices on light bulbs on a temporary basis. Galion customers may purchase them at Liberty, Farm, Home and Garden while supplies last.

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Appliance Recycling

Efficiency Smart has announced recycling incentives for certain appliances. Click here for program information.

***July 1-August 31: Efficiency Smart has increased the recycling rebate to $60 for working refrigerators and freezers. Customers must call 844-260-3487 by August 31 to schedule a pickup.


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