Victims Assistance

How Victim Assistance Program Can Help You

While the priority of our program is to assist victims of violent crime, we also work to help those who are victims of any crime. The City of Galion's Victim Assistance Program provides the following free and confidential services:
  • Counseling with the victim and family members
  • Courtroom support services including orientation, escort, safe waiting area, and court monitoring
  • Liaison between the victim and law enforcement and other agencies
  • Notification of court dates for all hearings
  • Information to victims about individual case status and restitution
  • Assistance with preparation and filing of compensation claims applications with the Ohio Victim's Crime Program
  • Assistance with preparing and making victim impact statements
  • Referrals to other social service agencies
Service Provider
Ph: Number
Victim Assistance
Municipal Court (Galion)
Municipal Court (Bucyrus)
City Law Director
Galion Police Department
Crawford County Sheriff's Department
Turning Point
Children's Services
Department of Human Services
Community Counseling Services
CONTACT Helpline 419-468-9081

The Ohio Constitutional Amendment

Victims of criminal offenses shall be accorded fairness, dignity, and respect in the criminal justice process, and as the General Assembly shall define and provide by law, shall be accorded rights to reasonable and appropriate notice, information, access, and protection and to a meaningful role in the criminal justice process.

Victim Bill of Rights

  • Victims and witnesses have a right to protection from intimidation and harm.
  • Victims and witnesses have a right to be informed about the criminal justice process.
  • Victims have a right to be represented.
  • Victims and witnesses have a right to apply for compensation.
  • Victims have a right to attend criminal court proceedings.
  • Victims of certain violent crimes have a right to timely notice of judicial proceedings they must attend or cancellations.