Driveway Permit

A Driveway Permit is required if you are installing a new driveway or changing the surface of an existing driveway to concrete, or it you are widening the drive at the point that it intersects the street.

A drive being resurfaced from gravel or asphalt to concrete requires a permit; a driveway being resurfaced in asphalt does not.

A Curb Cutting Permit is required only if the new or widened drive requires cutting of the existing street curb.

Both the Driveway and the Curb Cut Permits can be obtained form the City Building/Zoning Office, located at 115 Harding Way East, or click here to download a Driveway Permit application.

Inspections needed:
  • Call for inspection after forms are in place, but before concrete is poured
  • Final (upon completion or before use)
Please note: It is your responsibility to call the City Building and Zoning Office at 419-468-2642 at least 48 hours before concrete is to be poured.

Other Permits You May Need