Electrical Permit

An Electrical Permit is required when an upgrade or new electrical service is being installed.

Residential electrical permits can be obtained by contacting the Galion Building Department at 419-468-2642, or download an application here.

Residential projects requiring an electrical permit would include any construction involving new electrical service, or any upgrade of existing service (example: a change from 60 to 100 amp service). A permit may also be required if relocating the meter.

Sketches and specifications are available to assist you in your project at the Galion Building Department, 115 Harding Way East. Feel free to stop there if you need assistance.

Replacing existing wiring or adding new receptacles when remodeling requires an alteration permit from the Building Department located in the Galion City Building,115 Harding Way East, or call 419-468-2642, and an electrical permit.

Meter Tampering

At no time shall anyone tamper with meter base, meter, or service connection in any way. Anyone tampering or attempting to tamper with a meter will be subject to a $100 fine and/or loss of service. If you need your meter base removed or loosened for new siding or any other reason, contact the city Electric Division to do this for you.


Inspections needed:
  • Rough-in (before wiring is covered by insulation or drywall)
  • Final (upon completion, but before use or occupancy)
Please note: It is your responsibility to call the City Building and Zoning Office at 468-2642 at least 48 hours prior to rough-in inspection and at least 7 days prior to occupancy or use.

Required for Permit

  • Construction Plan or Wiring Plan
  • Site Plan

Other Permits You May Need