Alley/Street Vacations

1. Persons requesting an alley vacation need to first submit a letter or petition, signed by all adjacent property owners, to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Also, all property owners that abut the alley must sign a consent form.

2. The Planning and Zoning Commission will discuss the vacation at the next available meeting.

3. If the Commission recommends the vacation, City Council sets a public hearing at least 30 days after said decision. Council then decides to either a) proceed with the vacation, b) deny the vacation, or c) table the issue for further study.

4. If Council is inclined to approve the request, the person(s) requesting the vacation need to contact a surveyor to have a plat map along with a description of the plat created. The plat map MUST be submitted by the surveyor to the Crawford County Engineer for preliminary review, and contact the Crawford County Recorder and Crawford County Auditor to obtain fees that each office will charge.

5. The person who requested the vacation must deliver to the City:
Plat Map
Description and Fees from Step 4

6. Council passes an ordinance approving the vacation. After the second reading (or after emergency passage), ordinance and plat are delivered to Crawford County by the City. The Engineer's Office issues a plat approval form.

7. The City delivers all necessary documents to the Crawford County Recorder and Crawford County Auditor.