Brownfield Site Assessment

The City of Galion has been awarded $500,000 in grant funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to assess brownfield sites. Funding will be used to inventory, characterize, assess, and conduct a range of planning activities related to brownfield sites.

A Brownfield Site is an abandoned, idled, or underused property where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by the presence or potential presence of contamination. Examples include abandoned factories and other industrial facilities, gasoline stations, oil storage facilities, dry cleaning stores and other business that dealt with polluting substances.

Galion was one of eight projects awarded in Ohio. A total of $254.5 million was awarded nationwide, including $112.8 million for assessment projects.

Identifying Sites

This program is voluntary. If you own property that you would like to be considered for assessment, please submit this form. You will be contacted with more information. If you consent to an assessment, potential contaminants will be identified and you will receive a copy of the report. This program DOES NOT fund demolition, remediation, or clean up activities. However, the reports generated through this program can be utilized to secure other grant funding for these activities.

Community Benefit

Brownfields redevelopment can benefit both private investors and the communities in which they are located. For the private sector, brownfields redevelopment can mean new business opportunities, the potential for profit on unused or under-utilized properties, and improved community and environmental stewardship. 

The public sector can benefit from an increased number of employment opportunities, increased local and state tax revenues, improvements in the community's quality of life, and a reduction in urban sprawl.

For more information about the program, visit the EPA website.