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June 13, 2018 9:24 AM

Beware Online Bill Payment Providers

A customer used this service to pay a utility bill and the specified funds were removed from his bank account, but his bill was not paid as directed.

Doxo is a third-party online bill payment service based in Seattle, Washington. The City of Galion does NOT endorse nor is it affiliated with doxo. When a customer makes a payment through this service, the city does not receive any notification, and the length of time it takes for doxo to process a payment varies.

The City of Galion provides an online payment portal called EZ SecurePay for customers, which can be accessed at the link at the bottom of this notice. The Galion Utility Office may be reached at 419-468-6611 or All payment options can be reviewed at the Utility Office page of the website.

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