Design Review Board

Responsibilities & Purpose

Galion has three Design Review Districts: Uptowne, Historic West Main, and Harding Way West. They were established by City Council to create a better business environment by disallowing unreasonable development that injures property values of other owners in the district, as well as to qualify for Community Development Block Grant monies.

Residential or commercial building owners of property within a Design Review District must acquire prior approval before making improvements, repairs or other changes to the exterior of their buildings. This includes paving, landscaping, signage, window and door replacement and more.

405 HWW

The Uptowne Design Review District encompasses Galion's downtown business district on Harding Way, bounded on the east by East Street and on the west by Gill Avenue. The Historic West Main Design Review District continues from Gill Avenue to Jefferson Street. There is one board and set of guidelines that oversees both districts. Read the Uptowne guidelines.

Harding Way West contains commercial properties with frontage on Harding Way, from Jefferson Street to Portland Way. Read the Harding Way West guidelines.

Specific powers and duties of the Design Review Boards are outlined in Codified Ordinances Chapter 1311.

Application Process

The application process is intended to be as painless and expedient as possible. The first step is pick up an application at the City Building, 301 Harding Way East, or click here to download the application. Required information includes:

  • Details of the proposed project such as materials and colors to be used, and where the proposed improvements will be made. 
  • Pictures of the building.
  • Drawings depicting the improvements, with color samples.

NOTE: If you are replacing historic windows, please fill out the Window Application instead. Your window installer should complete the second page. The Board will then ensure compliance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Preservation. 

After you return the completed form, your application will be discussed at the next regular or special meeting of the Design Review Board for the district in which your project is located. You are encouraged to attend this meeting to answer any questions pertaining to your application.


Meeting times vary for each design review board. Meetings are held:
City Building (second floor)
301 Harding Way E

If you are looking for ideas to improve your building, you are welcome to discuss the possibilities with the Design Review Board. There is no fee for this service.