Treatment Plant
Galion’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) went on line in 1986. The plant is a 2.7 million-gallon-per day (mgd) design activated sludge plant with lagoon tertiary treatment. Design population for the year 2000 was 17,173.

Treatment processes include:
  • Screening
  • Grit removal
  • Pre-aeration
  • Primary clarification
  • Single-stage activated sludge
  • Secondary clarification
  • Tertiary lagoon
  • Chlorination and dechlorination
Storm Flows
Storm flows in excess of 6.8 mgd, after primary clarification, are diverted around the treatment. Flows in excess of 8.5 mgd are passed through chlorination and tertiary lagoon treatment. Primary clarifier sludge and waste activated sludge are combined in a gravity thickener and then pumped to an anaerobic digester where they are held until processed with N-Viro technology to a Class A Exceptional Quality Sludge (EQS) product.

Flows enter the plant through 1 of 3 sewers. An 18-inch gravity sewer serves a small section in the south and southwest section of town. The southeast intercept sewer serves the east side of Galion.

Plant Flows
All plant flows go through one of two bar screen channels. Screenings and grit are landfilled. A peristaltic pump and refrigerated sampling station is located between the bar screens and the grit pumps. This is our raw sample site. Flow next goes to the grit removal tanks via 1 of 2 66-inch diameter screw pumps.

Plant flows are pumped up to the grit tanks, the highest elevation in the plant. From this point on, all flows, except for recycle and sludge flows, are by gravity. The 2 primary clarifiers are 60 feet in diameter with a side water depth (swd) of 10 feet. In this process most of the larger solids are removed.