Lift Stations

New Additions
The southeast interceptor has 2 lift stations. In 1995, 2 old, leaking, tree-root obstructed 24-inch sewers were combined into a new 36-inch sewer. This new sewer (Cherry Street) was laid from Portland Way South to the treatment plant. At the plant terminus, 2 new above ground lift stations were installed.

Tidd Drive
Tidd Drive lift station is another station in the sewer collection system. It is a small, below ground station with 2 pumps. This station serves a low area on the end of a sewer and only handles several dozen homes.
Sherman Street
Our final station is referred to as Sherman Street lift station. This is a small, submersible pump station serving a half-a-dozen homes. These homes, originally, were connected to a large trunk main. The sewer to those homes had no grade and perhaps even a negative grade.

During higher flows, the trunk sewer backed up into this small sewer causing problems. The installation of the lift station was the solution.  

Telemetry System
All lift stations, except Sherman Street, have telemetry to the plant. Telemetry transmits real time wet well levels, pump operations and alarm conditions. Information for the in-system stations call in every hour. Alarm conditions are called in as they occur. The Cherry Street lift station data is transmitted continually to the plant computer because it is wired into the plant data system.