N-Viro Process

The N-Viro International Corporation (NVIC) Advanced Alkaline Stabilization with Subsequent Accelerated Drying (AASSAD), “N-Viro Soil” process is a patented process for the treatment and recycling of bio-organic wastes, utilizing certain alkaline by-products produced from the lime, utility and other industries. The N-Viro process has been commercially utilized for the treatment of wastewater treatment sludge and pharmaceutical and livestock wastes.

N-Viro Soil, produced according to process specifications, is an “Exceptional Quality Sludge” (EQS) product under Section 503 Sludge Regulations which exempts it from further federal regulation. The product is registered in most states as an agricultural product and covered under worldwide product liability insurance.

Details of Process

The N-Viro process involves mixing the wastewater sludge with alkaline reagents and then subjecting the mixture to a controlled period of storage, mechanical turning, and accelerated drying. The N-Viro process stabilizes and pasteurizes the wastewater sludge, reduces odors to acceptable levels, immobilizes various toxic components and generates N-Viro Soil, a product which has a granular appearance similar to soil and has multiple commercial uses.

Alkaline Admixture
The alkaline admixture used in the N-Viro process consists of byproduct dusts from cement or lime kilns, certain fly ashes and certain other mineral by-products. Our particular process utilizes cement kiln dust and fly ash. Our product is given away as a soil amendment. Area farmers utilize the product to help increase soil pH and to add organic material to the soil.