Demolition Permit

Any primary building or outbuilding to be dismantled or removed from a property is considered a demolition and requires a Demolition Permit which can be obtained from the City Building and Zoning Office, located at 115 Harding Way East, or click here to download the application.

When a sanitary sewer is in the building, after capping it you will need to call the Wastewater Treatment Department, 419-468-5010, for an inspection.

When applying for the permit, you need to provide a copy of your property deed.

Design Review Board

If you are in the Design Review District, you will need to fill out the application to demolish. Applications are available at the office of the Design Review Secretary, Linda Chambers, at 301 Harding Way East. This application requires pictures of the building to be demolished and a hand drawn site plan depicting where the building is located on your property. Include the type of construction and age of the building on the application.
The Secretary will notifiy you in advance of the meeting concerning your application requesting you to attend. Your attendance at the Design Review Board meeting will help answer any questions board members may have concerning your project. Unless your application is tabled, you will know their decision within 7 days after the meeting.



 If capping an existing sanitary sewer, call the Wastewater Treatment Department 419-468-5010.