Zoning Permit

A Zoning Permit is actually a certification of property use. Click here for an application.

According to Zoning Ordinance 91-5897, Article C, Section 4, a Zoning Permit shall be required for any of the following:
  • Construction or structural alteration of any building, including accessory buildings
  • Change in use of an existing building or accessory building to a use of a different classification
  • Occupancy and use of vacant land
  • Change in the use of land to a use of a different classification
  • Any change in a nonconforming use

Review Period

The Building / Zoning Office requires 10 days for review before issuing a zoning certificate if approved.

Commercial Building Requirements

On commercial buildings, a zoning compliance certificate is required if there is a change in building use or tenants or name change on utilities. An inspection is also required for commercial buildings.


Things You May Need