Pool Permit

A pool permit is needed for a pool over 1 foot in depth, including installation of an above-ground pool or construction of a permanent in-ground pool. Click here for an application.

Fence Requirements

A minimum of 5-foot high fencing is required for in-ground pools, while railing that brings the pool to a minimum of 5-foot off ground level with lock-up ladders are normally sufficient for above-ground pools.

Set-back requirements are generally the same as those for any permanent structure. Pools are required to be protected from children accidentally accessing the area.

The fencing needs of your particular installation can be reviewed when you apply for your permit. Contact the Building / Zoning Office, at 115 Harding Way East, or call 419-468-2642.

Water Rates

For water rates for pool filling, contact the City Utility Building Office Meter Department by calling 419-468-6614 or visiting at 115 Harding Way East.

An inspection is required when the project is complete.

Requirements for Permit

The submission of a site plan and material list are required prior to beginning your project.

Other Permits You May Need