Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is performed seasonally as preventative maintenance to help reduce power outages and protect the electric distribution system.

Standard practices are to trim branches 10 feet away from electric lines.  If you have questions about the distances of the tree branches from the power lines, or if your tree will be considered for trimming this year, please call the Electric Line Department at 419-468-5520.

Property owners are welcome to hire a professional tree trimmer to cut the branches and have them shape the tree to the property owner's specifications. Trees must still be trimmed 10 feet away from electric lines. Residents should use a company accredited by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration to work within the vicinity of live electric lines, such as: Asplundh Tree Expert Company, Davey Tree Expert Company, Nelson Tree Service, Oberlander's Tree & Landscape, or another accredited company. If you choose to hire a professional trimmer, please call the Galion Electric Line Division at 419-468-5520 to inform them of your trimming plans and scheduled trim date.

If the trees still need to be trimmed away from the power lines by June 30, or the scheduled trim date identified by the customer has passed, the Electric Line Department (or its contracted designee) will trim the trees.

Please note: the Line Department does NOT perform trimming or cut down trees on private residences if the tree is not endangering the electric system.