Outdoor Dining

In 2016, City Council passed legislation to allow businesses within the Uptowne Business District to have permanent outdoor dining areas on the sidewalks. Businesses interested in adding an outdoor dining area must comply with the following regulations:

  • If on a public sidewalk, no items for sale or display may be located within the first four feet from the edge of the curb, thereby allowing for free and clear access for pedestrians, and said trade area may not extend past the edge of the building in which the establishment is housed.
  • No obstruction of any kind can be made preventing free and open ingress and egress from any entrance to the retail establishment.
  • No merchandise fixtures or items may be left on any sidewalk during non-business hours.
  • The business owner shall maintain the sidewalk in a clean and safe condition, and shall immediately clear the sidewalk when ordered to do so by any City of Galion official, including the Chief of Police, Fire Chief, or their authorized representatives.
  • The business owner maintains public liability insurance consistent with and in an amount equal to that for their existing establishment that covers said dining or sales, and includes the City of Galion as an additional insured.
  • Food trays or carts, receptacles for dirty dishes, etc. cannot be stored on any portion of the public right of way.
  • All tables, chairs, etc. must be promptly removed from the sidewalk at the end of each business day unless the same is secured consistent with the design guidelines herein.
  • Outdoor dining areas must meet applicable health requirements and all applicable ordinances of the City of Galion.

Application Process

Interested businesses must first submit an application to the Design Review Board for approval. It will ensure the materials used for fencing, tables and chairs, are compliant with Galion's Design Review guidelines.

After receiving an approval letter from DRB, the applicant should submit a copy of the letter to the Safety-Service Director along with the following:
  • A cover letter.
  • If the business owner is a lessee, written permission from the building owner is required.
  • Site plan of the retail food and/or drink establishment and its proposed outdoor dining facility. Please include the boundaries and distances of the outdoor dining area, entrances into the establishment, property lines, sidewalk width and all surface obstructions within 15 feet of the proposed outdoor dining area.
Mail or drop off materials to: 301 Harding Way East, Galion. Applications will be reviewed by City staff on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications will be considered by the City only if the applicant is in full compliance with the City income tax and real estate tax obligations, as well as property maintenance requirements. The City of Galion’s permission to establish an outdoor dining area is on an annual, renewable basis.

PLEASE NOTE: If the business wishes to serve alcohol within the outdoor dining area, separate approval from the Division of Liquor Control is required as well.