Blighted Homes and Nuisance Properties

Blighted Homes

The City is responsible for enforcing property maintenance violations, including houses and buildings that are structurally hazardous or have created unsanitary conditions. Section 1331.02 of the Codified Ordinances defines a dangerous building as:

  • Buildings whose walls, floors, foundations or other structural parts are so out of plumb, level or original position as to be unable to satisfactorily perform their intended structural function;
  • Buildings which are so dilapidated, decayed or overloaded as to be unable to provide the basic elements of shelter or safety required for human habitation;
  • Buildings which constitute a fire hazard because of their construction, exposure or lack of maintenance;
  • Buildings which are so unsanitary as to constitute a health hazard to their occupants or to the public;
  • Buildings which have been damaged to an extent of fifty percent (50%) or more of their replacement value.

To report a property you believe to be in violation, please call the Building Department at 419-468-2642. You will be asked for the property address and details about the nature of the violation. You may also fill out a property complaint form.

After receipt of a complaint, an initial inspection is made and code violations are noted. The building inspector determines if repairs can be made or if a condemnation is necessary. The appropriate notification letter is sent to the property owner. For repair notices, the owner is given 30 days to remedy the violation(s) before the property is re-inspected. For condemnation notices, resident(s) are allowed 30 days to vacate before a placard is placed on the property.

After the proper notification period, the City may then take legal action upon owners who fail to comply.

As an alternative measure to cleaning up blighted homes, the Crawford County Land Bank acquires properties in foreclosure and accepts donations. Homes are then demolished. Click here to read more about the Land Bank

Nuisance Properties

The City also works to address properties with high grass and weeds, or issues with trash, rodents, and other nuisances. Properties with grass exceeding eight inches may be reported to the Building Department by calling 419-468-2642 or submitting a property complaint form. The property owner is given a violation notices and five days to correct it. All properties that fail to comply are mowed by the city, at a cost to each property owner.

For nuisances such as trash, rodents, and bed bugs, please call the Health Department at 419-468-1075.

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