Will the highway be closed during construction?

No. Temporary pavement will be installed on one side of the project area. We are still determining which side to place the temporary pavement on. The temporary lanes will be 11 feet wide, which is narrower than the current lane width. Commercial traffic and other large vehicles will have a commercial detour route.

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1. When will the project begin?
2. Why doesn’t it start sooner?
3. How is this project being paid for?
4. Will the highway be closed during construction?
5. How much will the road be extended on each side?
6. Will properties with frontage on 598 lose some of their land?
7. I live or work within the project area. What should I expect?
8. What happens to the driveways for homes and businesses?
9. Are traffic signals or other improvements included?
10. Will sidewalks and curbing be included?